Krystyna Mine Shaft Zobacz projekt

Krystyna Mine Shaft

Conversion of the Krystyna mine shaft tower in Bytom

FUZJA – stage 8 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 8

Building G2 - residential building

Zawiszy Czarnego Tysiąclecie Zobacz projekt

Zawiszy Czarnego Tysiąclecie

Residential complex on the Tysiąclecia Estate in Katowice, Poland

Campus Bemke, Primary School Zobacz projekt

Campus Bemke, Primary School

Primary School (classes 4-8) in Klecza Dolna

FUZJA – stage 4 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 4

Office building J

Poland Pavilion at EXPO 2025 Zobacz projekt

Poland Pavilion at EXPO 2025

Architectural concept of the Polish Pavilion at the EXPO2025 World Exhibition in Osaka

FUZJA – stage 7 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 7

G1 building - Residential building

SOS Shaft Krystyna Zobacz projekt

SOS Shaft Krystyna

Performative sound and light installation to rescue Bytom's Krystyna shaft / conceptual design

Sarnie Estate Zobacz projekt

Sarnie Estate

Residential complex

Glivia – stage II Zobacz projekt

Glivia – stage II

Residential complex

Upper One Zobacz projekt

Upper One

Office building

TDJ Zobacz projekt


Interiors of Warsaw TDJ office

Tuna Zobacz projekt


Fish restaurant in Powiśle

Warsaw Brewery: hall Zobacz projekt

Warsaw Brewery: hall

Entrance hall in the "Biura przy Bramie" building

Brewery Gate Square Zobacz projekt

Brewery Gate Square

Square in the Browary Warszawskie establishment

CD Projekt garage Zobacz projekt

CD Projekt garage

Multi-car garage with recreational area on the roof

CD Projekt Zobacz projekt

CD Projekt

Office and administration building

Czerniakowski Harbour Zobacz projekt

Czerniakowski Harbour

One-stage architectural competition for the architectural concept of a multifunctional service building with boatswain's office together with land development in Czerniakowski Harbour in Warsaw.

Hotel Nobu Warsaw Zobacz projekt

Hotel Nobu Warsaw

Architecture and interior design

.KTW Zobacz projekt


Complex of two office buildings

Stacja Wola – stage II Zobacz projekt

Stacja Wola – stage II

Multi-family residential building with underground garage, landscaping and accompanying infrastructure

Sports complex in Piekary Śląskie Zobacz projekt

Sports complex in Piekary Śląskie

Urban-architectural competition for the design of a sports complex with land development in Piekary Slaskie

FUZJA – stage 3 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 3

Building F - Residential building

Stacja Wola – stage I Zobacz projekt

Stacja Wola – stage I

Complex of two residential buildings with underground garages, landscaping and accompanying infrastructure

CitySpace Face2Face Zobacz projekt

CitySpace Face2Face

Interior design of CitySpace offices in Face2Face building in Katowice / Poland

Polish Hook Zobacz projekt

Polish Hook

Residential complex

FUZJA – stage 1 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 1

Residential building B

First District Zobacz projekt

First District

Residential complex

FUZJA – stage 4 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 4

Office buildings C & D

Nowy Rynek (New Market) Zobacz projekt

Nowy Rynek (New Market)

Building D, which is the fourth and fifth stage of a complex of office, retail, service and residential buildings with underground garages and landscaping

Raciborska Zobacz projekt


A residential and service building

FUZJA – stage 1 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 1

Historical buildings E with a public squareAnna's Garden

FUZJA – stage 2 Zobacz projekt

FUZJA – stage 2

Building A - Residential building

Wave Zobacz projekt


Complex of two office buildings

Hałda – multi-storey car park Zobacz projekt

Hałda – multi-storey car park

The urban and architectural concept of a multi-storey car park in the Culture Zone in Katowice

National Center for Ice Sports Zobacz projekt

National Center for Ice Sports

Urban planning and architectural concept

Brama Miasta (City Gate) Zobacz projekt

Brama Miasta (City Gate)

Complex of two office buildings

Wadowicka 3 Zobacz projekt

Wadowicka 3

Complex of three office buildings

Bolko Estate Zobacz projekt

Bolko Estate

Complex of single-family terraced houses

MidPoint 71 Zobacz projekt

MidPoint 71

Office building with services

Hotel The Bridge Wrocław Zobacz projekt

Hotel The Bridge Wrocław

Interior design of The Bridge Hotel

Smart Innovation School Zobacz projekt

Smart Innovation School

Design of an international school

DOT Office F Zobacz projekt

DOT Office F

Office building

FUZJA (Fusion) Zobacz projekt

FUZJA (Fusion)

Revitalization of the former Scheibler factory in Lodz

Silesia Business Park Zobacz projekt

Silesia Business Park

Complex of four office buildings

DOT Office G Zobacz projekt

DOT Office G

Building G of the DOT Office complex

London Empire House Zobacz projekt

London Empire House

Rehabilitation of a historic art deco building into office space

Exhibition Treasures of Peru Zobacz projekt

Exhibition Treasures of Peru

The set design of the temporary exhibition "Treasures of Peru. The royal tomb in the Castillo de Huarmey"

Q22 Zobacz projekt


Interior design of the office on the 35th floor of the Q22 building

DOT Office Zobacz projekt

DOT Office

Office building complex

Akademeia High School in Warsaw Zobacz projekt

Akademeia High School in Warsaw

Design of a high school building in Warsaw

Nowa Fabryczna Zobacz projekt

Nowa Fabryczna

Office building in Łódź Nowe Centrum

Hotel in Kołobrzeg Zobacz projekt

Hotel in Kołobrzeg

Conceptual design of a hotel in Kolobrzeg

Koszyki Hall – office lounges Zobacz projekt

Koszyki Hall – office lounges

Interior design of entrance and lift lobbies in office buildings

Koszyki Hall Zobacz projekt

Koszyki Hall

Interior design of the historic Koszyki Hall, public toilets with landscaping and visual identity system

TechPark Kanlux Zobacz projekt

TechPark Kanlux

Adaptation of a former military canteen into an office facility

Cuprum Square Zobacz projekt

Cuprum Square

Complex of two office buildings with services and underground garages

Regle Zobacz projekt


Reconstruction project for OW Regle building in Wisła

Dominikanski Zobacz projekt


Office building complex

Creations from Nature Zobacz projekt

Creations from Nature

Spatial installation "Creations from Nature" for Barlinek Institute of Design at Łódź Design Festival

Atrium 1 Office Space Skanska Zobacz projekt

Atrium 1 Office Space Skanska

Design of office space arrangement in the Atrium South building

Kapelanka 42 Zobacz projekt

Kapelanka 42

Office building complex

St. Hyacinth in Bytom Zobacz projekt

St. Hyacinth in Bytom

Rev. Grzegorz Gervase Gorczycki Educational and Cultural Center and Rosary Garden at St. Hyacinth's Church in Bytom

Jazz Club Fantom Zobacz projekt

Jazz Club Fantom

Interior design of the Jazz Club Fantom in Bytom

Łódź Design Festival Zobacz projekt

Łódź Design Festival

Arrangement design for the festival center of Łódź Design Festival 2013

Marshall City Hall Zobacz projekt

Marshall City Hall

Conceptual design of the Marshal's Town Hall in Kraków

Green Horizon Zobacz projekt

Green Horizon

Office buildings complex

Galeria Katowicka Zobacz projekt

Galeria Katowicka

Interior design of a multifunctional integrated communication and commercial center at Katowice Osobowa station

Showroom Maximum Zobacz projekt

Showroom Maximum

Interior design and arrangement of the GranitiFiandre showroom

Interiors of Katowice Railway Station Zobacz projekt

Interiors of Katowice Railway Station

Detailed interior design of Katowice railway station

Tenement house Kościuszki 55 Zobacz projekt

Tenement house Kościuszki 55

Conversion and change of use of a townhouse

Infinite Dreams Zobacz projekt

Infinite Dreams

Design of a service and office building with above-ground parking spaces and accompanying infrastructure

Off Festival 2011 office Zobacz projekt

Off Festival 2011 office

Interior design of Off Festival 2011 office

Retail gallery Makrum Zobacz projekt

Retail gallery Makrum

Architectural concept for the Makrum shopping and service centre

ING Bank Śląski Zobacz projekt

ING Bank Śląski

New interior standard for ING Bank outlets in Poland

Radio and Television Department building Zobacz projekt

Radio and Television Department building

Concept design of new Radio and Television Department building of Silesian University in Katowice

Jazz Cafe Zobacz projekt

Jazz Cafe

Jazz Cafe interior design

Rowhousing concept design in Tychy Zobacz projekt

Rowhousing concept design in Tychy

Development concept for a complex of plots of land in Tychy

International Conference Center Zobacz projekt

International Conference Center

Competition for the development of an urban-architectural concept for the International Conference Centre in Katowice

off festival 2007 Zobacz projekt

off festival 2007

Visual identification of a music festival

Cinebox Zobacz projekt


Small park cinema

Soraya salon Zobacz projekt

Soraya salon

Design of beauty salons

PARKauto Zobacz projekt


car showroom

SPORTTOWER Zobacz projekt


Sports center

CCIFP Gala Zobacz projekt


Stage design for the gala of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry