CD Projekt garage

Multi-car garage with recreational area on the roof

  • Location: Poland, Warsaw, Żerań
  • Architects: Przemo Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała
  • Associate architects: Wojciech Funkiewicz, Magdalena Kołłątaj, Jan Wichrowski, Marta Boryczka, Agnieszka Kuczyńska, Agnieszka Majcher-Lisowicz, Michał Sokołowski, Michał Laskowski, Mateusz Małecki, Krzysztof Weber, Michał Gawron, Tymoteusz Sapa, Aleksandra Mazur
  • Investor: CD PROJEKT S.A.
  • Landscape architecture: Florabo, KASS
  • Construction and installations: WSP Polska
  • Facade design: Studio Profil
  • Roads: Civil Transport Designers s.c.
  • Fire protection: PROTECT
  • Usable floor area: 4730,2 m2
  • Design: 2020-2022
  • Realization: 2022-2024

The main task of the designed building is to supplement the demand for parking spaces related to the constantly growing staff of CD Projekt company. At the same time the object is to be supplemented with recreational functions constituting an additional asset for employees and the surrounding community. The solutions applied in the design of the multi-storey car park are in line with the investor’s ambitions to create a space characterised not only by high quality architectural and functional solutions but also being the beginning of the process of changes in the post-industrial district of Warsaw. Emphasis on pro-ecological and low-emission solutions as well as responsibility and care for nature, which are the Investor’s guiding principles when initiating this project, will constitute the basic assumptions for subsequent stages of the investment.

The shape of the closed car park building is the result of an analysis of the investor’s expectations and planning guidelines set out in the Conditions of Development and Land Use issued for the plot. The body of the building consists of two underground storeys and two overground storeys. From the western side, exposed to the existing office buildings used by the Investor, terrace faults of the overground storeys were designed, planted with climbing plants on the vertical fragments of the wall. From the southern side, by the garage entrance gate, a ground floor arcade was designed, marking the entrance zone to the building. On the eastern side, the elevation was designed parallel to the impassable line of development, determined according to the conditions of development and land use. On the roof of the closed car park block there is a recreational space designed for employees of the neighbouring complex of office buildings. The recreational space on the roof has been fenced with a light, openwork mesh. On the west side, an irregularly shaped ramp was designed as an entrance to the recreational roof from the ground level. The entire structure of the closed car park was covered with perforated polished metal sheet with an irregular side profile.

CD Projekt garage -
CD Projekt garage -