CD Projekt

Office and administration building

Office and administration building with underground garage and landscaping

  • Location: Poland, Warsaw, Żerań
  • Architects: Przemo Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała
  • Associate architects: Wojciech Funkiewicz, Magdalena Kołłątaj, Jan Wichrowski, Marta Boryczka, Agnieszka Kuczyńska, Agnieszka Majcher-Lisowicz, Michał Sokołowski, Michał Laskowski, Mateusz Małecki, Krzysztof Weber, Michał Gawron, Tymoteusz Sapa, Aleksandra Mazur
  • Investor: CD PROJEKT S.A.
  • Landscape architecture: Florabo, KASS
  • Construction and installations: WSP Polska
  • Facade design: Studio Profil
  • Roads: Civil Transport Designers s.c.
  • Fire protection: PROTECT
  • Usable floor area:: 5611,12 sqm
  • Design: 2020-2022
  • Realization: under construction

The designed building is characterised by a simple cuboidal form, which results from the assumption adopted at the initial design stage of the least aggressive interference with the surroundings and the emphasis on maximum efficiency and flexibility of the designed volume from the point of view of the facility’s purpose.

The building’s architecture uses economical means of expression, but at the same time is an individual and original spatial composition that corresponds to the guidelines of the WZiZT Decision. The form of the building is the result of optimising the usable space in its interior, which has been designed to provide a functional and efficient arrangement. The adopted depth of the tracts and the division of the windows create many possibilities of configuration and ways of dividing the space depending on the Investor’s needs, at the same time ensuring excellent access to daylight for all the office rooms.

The building has six usable above-ground levels, two underground levels and a technical zone and a utility zone on the roof.

The designed building is intended to provide a modern, functional and maximally flexible space for comfortable office work, taking into account the specific working conditions of the video games industry, and to meet the Investor’s ambitions to create architecture that will be a showpiece of the future CD Projekt campus. The activation of a degraded, post-industrial district of Warsaw, openness towards its inhabitants, emphasis on pro-ecological and low-emission solutions as well as responsibility and care for nature, which the Investor is guided by when initiating this project, will constitute the basic design assumptions for the subsequent stages of the investment. This concept is an attempt at a comprehensive response to the design problem posed in such a way, taking into account the demands of the Investor at every stage and in every aspect of the facility’s life and within the framework of all the trades involved in its implementation.

The building is environmentally friendly, which manifests itself, among other things, in low energy consumption, low emissions into the atmosphere, the use of appropriate environmentally friendly building materials and technical equipment. At the stage of this project, an office function was initially assumed on each above-ground floor, with office and conference functions on the ground floor.

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