We are very pleased to announce that our project Green Horizon in Łódź (formerly Skanska Łódź) has been awarded the title of pre-certified in the LEED system at the gold level. We were able to achieve this thanks to tremendous cooperation from the investor – Skanska Property Poland. This is our second facility to obtain this certificate. The first was the Silesia Business Park project in Katowice.

LEED stands for: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System™. The LEED rating is a point-based system for assessing office, residential and public buildings in terms of their compliance with sustainable building requirements. The assessment is carried out by a group of independent experts, taking into account the following indicators: rational use of resources, location of the building, energy efficiency, water savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of the quality of the microclimate inside the building, use of environmentally friendly materials, etc. On the basis of the points scored in all categories, one of three LEED certificates is awarded: Silver, Gold or Platinum.

The LEED label is a globally recognised and authoritative proof that a building is environmentally friendly and user-friendly.