Construction work has recently begun on another FUZJA building, this time an existing building converted to a residential function. The G02 building consists of two parts: the two-storey printing shop, drapery, ink kitchen and drying room, built in the late 19th century, and the engraving and rolling mill, added in the early 20th century. The expansion of the building is reflected in the façade: the lower part has arched vaulted windows, the upper part has arched vaults only on the ground floor, with modernist rectangular large-format windows above. The local development plan allows for the superstructure of the building. This has given the potential to create a diverse range of flats: from tall loft flats with mezzanine floors directly adjacent to the existing walls, to standard height flats located in the new superstructure.

The project was created in close cooperation with the Provincial Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments. A number of analytical studies were produced to help us place the new function in the old walls in the best possible way.

More visuals and details on the project page.