In the XXVI edition of the Polish Cement in Architecture* competition, we were awarded a special prize for all creative activities using reinforced concrete technology.

Concrete invariably remains the most durable building material, offering enormous possibilities – it allows high structures to be realised and its elements to be formed freely. It is a material that is extremely graceful to create, which is why we value it for its plasticity and many different facets. We like its rawness, even brutality, which is why we prefer it when it is not overworked and when its structure remains very natural.

At the same time, we are aware of how much energy concrete consumes and the strong carbon footprint it generates, and we have been confronting this awareness for several years and looking for the right balance. Surely we must look to the future in the thoughtful use of materials and technology.

We would like to thank the Association of Polish Architects and Polski Cement for this award.

Congratulations also to all this year’s winners!

*The Polish Cement in Architecture Competition has been jointly organised by the Association of Polish Architects and the Association of Cement Producers for more than a quarter of a century. The aim of the competition is to look at completed buildings in Poland in terms of the use of concrete as a structural and architectural material.