We raise the alert in rhythm with the fading pulse of the heart. The heart of what was, in its glory years for the Szombierki Mine, the largest winding machine in Europe. The heart of the mine, resiliently and relentlessly, shift after shift transporting miners like haemoglobin oxygen into the bloodstream of the underground galleries.

The #SzybKrystyna is an important component of the portrait of the city and the people living in it marked by the genotype of the identity of the place. For almost a century, it has been dignifying the nooks and crannies of Bytom – a city struggling with the bleak scenario of iconic post-industrial buildings disappearing before our eyes.

Today, this iconic figure on the scale of Bytom, plunged into obscurity, silently and impatiently cries out for survival.

* The installation was created on the initiative of four members of the #MedusaGroup, residents of Bytom: Jan Wichrowski, Rafał Dziedzic, Michał Sokołowski and Przemo Łukasik.



Dominik Sielski (production); Karol Boguś (production assistant); Przemek Potyka, Marcin Woźniak (lighting); Patryk Domałeczny, Szymon Wrodarczyk (sound); Grzegorz Orłowski (mountaineering support); #Ra2nski, Marcin Lech, Adrian Mikos (photo/video); Łukasz Chmiel, Kajetan Wichrowski, Bartosz Łukasik (assistance with installation), Jacek Wichrowski (logistics support); Maciek Wichrowski (mountaineering equipment); Michał Pieczonka (transportation); Michał Tomczak (#iGuzzini lighting); Miłosz Jaksik (www).

Thanks to the Owner of the Krystyna Shaft, for the opportunity to use this unique object for an art installation.

And many, many others who still care….