We are very pleased to announce that the .KTW office building complex has won the Association of Polish Architects 2022 Award of the Year in the category “office, education or administration building”. We are particularly pleased with the first sentence of the Jury’s justification, which appreciates our project as an important element in the newly shaping fabric of the city:

The award was given for an uncompromising attempt to create a vertical and coherent form of two buildings which, in the vicinity of the iconic Spodek, mark out a new scale of Katowice’s city centre. Using the contemporary language of staggered volumes, they create a distinctive and strongly recognisable sign in the city’s skyline. The glass façades, emphasised by the rhythm of the tapering lisens, give the whole a fresh and elegant character. The glazed ground floor interacts with the carefully designed surroundings. The functions planned for the ground floor are likely to enhance the attractiveness of the adjacent public spaces. The jury appreciated the coherence of the concept and the consistency in the use of materials and details.

The SARP Award of the Year is one of the most important architectural awards in Poland, expressing the appreciation of the architectural community. We would like to thank the esteemed Jury and congratulate all the award winners.

photo by Juliusz Sokołowski