The Association of Polish Architects has announced the results of a two-stage competition to develop an architectural concept for the Poland Pavilion at the EXPO2025 World Exhibition in Osaka.

We are pleased that our project seemed the most interesting to the jury, winning the First Prize “for an exceptionally expressive idea, referring to fundamentally important environmental aspects, allowing to create the image of Poland as a country where these issues are perceived as important.”

The justification also reads:

Through its brutal, possibly shocking form and the proposed tour path, the project does not provide obvious answers, but rather makes you think and provokes you to search for possible solutions. The idea directly relates, to one of the sub-themes of EXPO 2025 – “Saving Lives.”

Many thanks to #SARP for organizing the competition and congratulations to all the participating studios.

At the same time, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency informs that none of the competition concepts will be implemented and awarded all teams equal prizes. “In the next stage, the final design of the Pavilion will be developed in cooperation with experts in the field of construction and architecture.” – reads the announcement.

We do not know at this point what the further fate of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2025 will be, but we know for sure that the future needs both global and local cooperation.

At the same time, we hope that the project selected in the competition, as in other editions, will live to see implementation.