Our projects were appreciated in the Architecture of the Year of the Silesian Voivodeship 2021 competition, organised by SARP Katowice / Galeria Architektury.

In the category “Export Work” – in which projects realised outside the Silesian Voivodeship were presented – the award went to Origami House “for minimalism, simplicity, lightness and detail, and above all the universality of the object, which would present itself perfectly both in urban space and undeveloped terrain”. The jury appreciated the “original shape, which is a striking spatial form”.

The House in the Bieszczady mountains was also recognised in the same category for its “exceptional sensitivity to the landscape and skilful inclusion of the building in the natural landscape of the Bieszczady range”.

The competition, which promotes the Silesian Voivodeship through architecture and the recognition of artists from Silesia, is particularly dear to us. We would like to thank the honourable Jury and congratulate all the awarded and distinguished participants.