Kanlux is a company with a rich tradition in the advanced lighting installation sector. It is a resilient, modern, family-run company with no shortage of imagination, as evidenced by the task at hand. The task was to convert a canteen building with a kitchen into new premises to house the showroom and laboratories.

Unfortunately, the canteen building, with its heterogeneous heights and unsightly flashings, did not make the task any easier. We wanted to calm this situation down, while at the same time emphasising the dimensions of the volume, integrating it formally.

In search of a simple yet functional solution, we turned to the element of repetitive cable trays, which are galvanised at the factory, have a fixed length of 2 metres and vary in width.

The use of cable trays, paradoxically, as it turned out, a very good façade material, made it possible to ‘dress’ the building in a non-standard package, giving it a completely new expression. At the same time, we found a simple solution to the problem of excessive heat in the office interiors. The corridors act as shaders, at the same time providing the daylight required for office work. This is how a gigantic façade of approx. 9 m in height was created.

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