The .KTW II building has received an occupancy permit, which completes several years of work on the KTW office complex! The two towers – located in Katowice, in the vicinity of the Culture Zone – in a way honour and sanction the new direction of transformations set by the “axis of culture” in this place.

Many thanks for cooperation:

  • The investor – TDJ Estate – for undertaking this responsible task and the trust it placed in us.
  • City Hall of Katowice – for support, openness and assistance.
  • The engineers responsible for the construction and installations and the consultants – without their involvement this success would not have been possible: STATYK, CE Group, Instac, Stara Iwiczna, Studio Profil and: Joanna Katańska-Katańska, Studio Very, Kolektyff
  • Medusa Group design team – for hard work, consideration and consistency.
fot. Wojciech Radwański