The European Economic Congress 2016 was a place of presentation .KTW buildings. For our studio it is a special project.

Śląsk (Silesia) stands for conscientiousness, honesty, simplicity and humility. The idea was not to show off but to offer something thought-provoking and imaginative. These were the values that we had in mind while developing the design for the .KTW buildings.

Self-restraint, combined with a gentle push towards asymmetry, or, to put it differently, controlled loss of balance, cuboidal blocks – that’s really a tribute to the true icon of this city – Spodek.

What we want to avoid is people making every effort to look for features, in this simple and clean-cut building, that are meant to define it as the new iconic landmark in Katowice.

It is something else altogether to construct the tallest building in the region, placed at the intersection of the city’s key axes. All this contributes to a clear situation where it is hardly possible to think of this building in a way other than in terms of a dominant feature.

Przemo Łukasik, Łukasz Zagała

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