We have completed interior design of a new Skanska office. It is an attempt to describe using space the latest guidelines called WORKPLACES BY SKANSKA.The functional arrangement provides the most comfortable working environment for employees performing many different administrative jobs. Open space allows for easy rearrangement of work places and enables verbal and eye contact between employees. Location of each work places organizes sub groups designated by the investor, while location of helper functions like: meeting rooms, kitchens, recreational spaces is to provoke movement of every employee at the whole level area. As a consequence it should make for integration inside the company. Because of the fact that Atrium South office building has LEED Platinium certification the whole office spaces were designed in order to receive the highest LEED Platinium level for interiors.

Have a look at the Atrium 1 – Skanska’s offices project.

You can read more about Workplaces by Skanska philosophy in their brochure.