Care for the environment and the highest ecological standards of the buildings we create are extremely important to us, so we are pleased to inform you that the Nobu Hotel Warsaw (newly built part) designed by us received 74 points in the LEED certification in the category of hotels. We have thus reached the Gold level. This is the highest result among hotels in Poland!

This means that Nobu Warsaw is an example of the highest standards of ecological and sustainable activity. The green wall and plants on Nobu terraces act as an anti-pollution filter and counter the heat island effect. In the finish, we proposed materials with a low or no content of harmful volatile organic compounds, and the air handling units received the most modern class F7 filters, improving air quality. Comfort and lighting control systems have been integrated in the central control system, enabling optimization of energy consumption and thus contributing to increasing the energy efficiency of the facility and reducing its carbon footprint.

What distinguishes Nobu from other certified hotels? It received as much as 13 points. In the Indoor Environmental Quality category, which means that it is a place conducive to the productivity, health and well-being of both employees and hotel guests.

In addition, the area where the building was erected has undergone revitalization (including remediation of the land after the dismantled gas station) and thanks to the greenery, the environmental value of the plot has increased significantly.

Have a look at the project page: Nobu Hotel Warsaw.