The building of The Bridge Hotel has been designed with particular care in order to fit into the context of Warsaw’s downtown and the neighbouring development. The compact character of the building is aimed at recreating the old quarter development and creating a coherent and uniform volume inscribed in the characteristic corner shape of the plot. The new building complements the development of the quarter and directly connects it with the hotel operating in the 19th century building.

The characteristic, dynamic body of the building is formed by the overhangs of the successive storeys, alternately extending towards Koszykowa and Wilcza Streets. The layout of the façade and large glazings open up views of the green-filled terraces that complement the original body of the building. The interiors are designed in an unpretentious and contemporary manner. The primary function of the building is complemented by restaurants accessible directly from the street, as well as an event space and co-working space located on the first floor of the hotel.

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