Statement of reasons:

“The court highly appreciated the architectural qualities of the awarded work and the proper context with the surroundings. The poetic metaphor of the ‘house of water’ is not only a strong artistic accent in the given space, but also an effective didactic tool to learn about and become familiar with many natural phenomena. The use of water as a creative material and the skilful and conscious use of it reveals the great sensitivity of the author of the work. Treated in this way, the object has become a didactic exhibit in itself, thus blurring the boundary between inside and outside, building and environment. Noteworthy is the solution of the ground floor area consisting of five independent functional elements, such as performance halls, cinemas, cafés, creating an attractive public space, which can be used independently of the museum’s working hours. The recessing of part of the building below the water level with the entrance hall, which forces visitors to make an extra effort – ‘descend to enter ‘ – has been criticised. Due to the proposed technical solution and the use of complicated technical technology, in the court’s opinion, it will be difficult to fit in the investment costs declared by the authors of the project.”

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